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Untouchable 5 Padded Girdle Black

Untouchable 5 Padded Girdle Black

Brand  Schutt

Untouchable 5/ Padded Girdle Black w/Cup Pocket and Padding

The pants have the hip pads and thigh pads sewn in. (Knee pads not included) and consists of 16% spandex for the fit. Knee pads are not included and can be purchased separately. The Short has a pocket for the deep protection. The remaining pads (arrangement as shown) are already included and can be washed in the gentle cycle and with washing net even at max 30-40 degrees.

Trousers 84% Polyester 16% Spandex

Colour black

Only wash in a washing net. Do not overfill the drum. Do not tumble dry. Cold Wash, no dryer use.

5 Padded Girdle With Cuip Pocket. Knee Pads not includet. Compression Fabric And Fit Help Support The Thigh Muscles And Makes The Shorts Easy To Layer Comfortably Under Your Uniform Or Pads. 5 Pads include. 84% Polyester /16% Spandex Compression Main Body Fabric With Moisture Management. Black Color

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