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Riddell Speed Icon

Riddell Speed Icon

Brand  Riddell

Patented Side Impact Protection with HS4 Face Masks, Quick Release Face Mask Attachment System, Quick Change Liner Attachment System, NuBuckOverliner, Air Fit Liners for proper fit, comfort and stability.

Compatible with the new HS4 Face Mask - High Strength Spring Stainless Steel; thinner and lighter, high performance face mask improves sightlines and field vision for the athlete.
Quick Release™ - Face mask attachment that disengages with a simple press of a button.
Quick Change Liner Attachment System - Removable padding system with screw-in caps, designed for ease-of-use when removing or inserting pads.
NuBuck Overliner - Removable, moisture-resistant liner cover with antimicrobial properties
built-in to protect the product. Provides comfort and stability.
Air Fit Liners
Vinyl Front Pocket
Five-Year Shell Warranty

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CHF 399.00