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Vengeance Pro

Vengeance Pro

Brand  Schutt

You can never judge a book by its cover, the rubble Vengeance PRO 2017 looks from the outside like its big brother the Z10. The innovation lies inside the popular Vengeance Z10 shell, rubble has rearranged the padding to absorb even more vibration than the helmet has done before. The results are extreme. The Vengeance Pro has been awarded 5 stars, making it one of the best helmets to receive the Virginia Tech Star Helmet Rating. The Vengeance Pro can adapt very well to the head to ensure an ideal fit. With an air chamber and a padding crown system, the helmet can be inflated to fit rear/side. Between helmet shell and air chambers is cylindrical TPU material. The TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) absorbs more impact force even at elevated temperatures and is the most advanced impact absorption system built into helmets. The forehead pad is made from materials that are also used in firefighter helmets to optimize comfort during exertion and moisture management to improve your performance.


- Flat helmet design makes helmet look compact

- An air chamber system makes it possible to adapt the helmet best possible to skull shape / sides and back of the head

- forehead pad designed to optimize moisture management and wearing comfort

- TPU material offers maximum protection due to cylindrical arrangement

- Jaw pads can be easily replaced to ensure good grip / Cover Jaw Pads required

Helmet is delivered without Facemask, the face grille must be ordered separately.  // No Guard included.

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CHF 349.00