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Schutt XV7 Skill Pad

Schutt XV7 Skill Pad

Brand  Schutt

Product information "XV 7 SKILL Pad
The XV7 Pad is equipped with a new Energy Lock padding (block padding - breathable) and offers more comfort than previous models to better absorb shocks and collisions and to increase durability. The pad has an improved moisture and climate management system that allows air to flow through the pad, which helps dry the body and supports its natural cooling function. The SKILL Pad has an optimal guidance on the shoulder and can be additionally adjusted. Suitable Back Plates as an additional extension are recommended here separately.

Ideal for Skill Player from RB to LB and also suitable for WR or DB`s. Basically we recommend to try on pads with advice because recommendations and fit of the anatomy are to be considered.

How to find the right size for you and how to adjust the Shoulder Pad you can find under Downloads which is also only meant as a help.

XV7 // PAD

We`ve taken the most popular pad on the field and added performance all over to give the coach and player every advantage. We added Energy Lock redundant padding in the hitting area and high performance Tactical Arches for optimal range of motion.

-The XV7 skill pad features a deep cut front arch providing great range of motion. The front and back arch lengths provide preferred coverage and reduced weight.

Ideal for: Runningback, Tight End, Defensive Back

Ideal for: Quarterback and Wide Receiver

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