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XV HD Skill

XV HD Skill

Brand  Schutt

The XV HD Skill shoulder pad is equipped with more EVA foam than previous models to absorb more power and increase durability. The cushion has better moisture and climate management which allows air to circulate through the cushion, helping to keep the body dry and supporting the body in its natural cooling function. The XV HD compression disc offers a smaller cut to the plastic that bothers you. The arch cut gives you maximum range of motion and versatility. The new shape of the arch has been optimized to make it lighter while keeping the same protection of impact areas. The pads for the deltoid muscles and shoulder blades provide you with additional protection. If you want to be even more comfortable in your movements you can remove these pads simply with a screwdriver. At the fasteners, it is a 2-point belt with harness system. The harnesses have 4 points of attachment in the back of your shoulder and 2 belts in front. The shoulder pad is designed for players such as Running back / Defensive Back (CB / FS),

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CHF 199.00