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Z-Cool ZC7 2.0 Skill Pad

Z-Cool ZC7 2.0 Skill Pad

Brand  BSN Sports

Now featuring a carbon fiber look, the Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool ZC7 Adult Football Shoulder Pads - Skill are even better for 2020. Built for quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs, these pads are some of the lightest on the market. They have an extended arch that helps you take hits and keep coming back for more. The ZC7 features patented Z-Cool technology that helps keep your body from overheating and tiring during play. Made with Brock Foam padding, the pads have 3D circulation and thousands of tiny foam beads to absorb energy on impacts.

Pro Select pads are the lightest, most flexible pads in Gear Pro-Tec lineup
Patented Z-COOL moisture management system pulls cool air in and forces hot air out while wicking moisture from the body
AC joint notch-out with AC cradle pads provides expanded protection without putting direct pressure on the joint
Adjustable caps and deltoid pads move with arm and shoulder for a full range of motion without sacrificing protection
Adjustable and removable waterproof Air Release clavicle pad system makes for a customized fit
Moisture wicking, anti-microbial interior fabric
Z-Cool plastic inner arch design
Pro-logic epaulet design
1 1/2" adjustable belts with non-cut buckles for a custom, comfortable fit
Position Specific design:
Insanely lightweight and flexible
Fixed cap pad
Adult Version
Designed for ultimate speed and agilityThese football shoulder pads have advanced Z-Cool 2.0 technology which helps keep you dry, promotes air circulation and enhances evaporation. the exclusive Air Release System features adjustable and removable waterproof clavicle channel pads which offer a custom fit for individual player comfort and maximum safety.  Layered foam cushions impacts by quickly forcing air through vents in the sidewall of the pad.  The pads quickly rebound and are ready for the next hit.  The Z-Cool Moisture Transfer System has a High-Impact Poly Arch design with vent holes sandwiched between two layers of 3D Air Flow Brock Foam, which are supported by an outside Poly Plate.

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