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McDavid Knee Brace 429R

McDavid Knee Brace 429R

Brand  McDavid

High quality orthosis for stabilization of the knee joint.
Orthosis of the highest quality McDavid 429R with two polycentric joint splint, tendon pad and a hypertension lock.

Aid for your return to sports life!

Orthosis is made of the latest lightweight materials. Neoprene cover ensures healing warmth and kneecap support keeps knee in proper position.

Support level of the orthosis/bandage - LEVEL 3

Level 3 is a maximum level of support. This orthosis/bandage is used:

in case of great instability
after surgery
Orthosis is not suitable for open wounds, or if you are prone to dermatitis (skin inflammation). If you have a rash, or other skin problems, do not use the orthosis. If the problems should persist, consult everything with the doctor.

Easy to maintain
Proper care can extend the useful life of supports and orthotics. Fortunately, it`s simple. Hand wash your bandage or orthotic with a gentle detergent, rinse thoroughly and let dry.

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