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Jambo Tackle Dummies (Round)

Jambo Tackle Dummies (Round)

Brand  Jambo

Very useful in all offensive and defensive exercises. This allows you to improve the technique, for players who want to work on tackling. Options Size: -Premium 170 cm x 40 cm Description: -Waterproof equipment all year long - Inner foam that absorbs energy, 24oz coverage. VINYL - Cover with zipper, which you can replace in case of wear - The zipper is about 10 cm from the ground. - Very durable seams that ensure the durability of the article -2 solid and comfortable handles that allows use as a shield. -Available in two forms: round with the base of a circle and square at the base of a square - Jambo offers high quality sport products at a reasonable price and is manufactured in Europe. In cooperation with Jambo, the sale of goods is managed directly on our website. The delivery time is about 4 weeks. The products are only available through the online store and not on the site.

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CHF 229.00