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Referee Game Card (PVC)

Referee Game Card (PVC)

Brand  Cointoss

Original PVC Game Cards for referees

1 pack contains 1 sheet of Game Cards

When designing the gamecards, great importance was attached to the clarity and compression of information. A single card in 80 x 112.5 mm format contains all the important fields required for the course of the game. While the front of the card contains all information about the teams, score, timeouts and time, the back of the card contains a clear penalty table. It is divided into 5-, 10- and 15-yard penalties and also offers two free fields for additional entries. This "Penalty table" is adapted early on by the NCAA in the event of rule changes and is offered here in the current season. This optimized layout allows a quick and clear recording of all important information in the course of the game. Especially when things get hectic, you will learn to appreciate the simplified and clear system.
Both cards are made of materials that have a very good stiffness and feel. This enables freehand writing without a pad. Due to the PVC material, the plastic card is extremely flexible and therefore durable in use. Written text can be erased without leaving any residue.

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