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SKLZ Travel Barrel Roller

SKLZ Travel Barrel Roller

Brand  SKLZ

Get your massage To-Go. Designed for pre- and post-workout use, the Travel Barrel Roller not only massages, it also helps to increase the flexibility of the muscles, to recover better and thus to restore muscle performance faster. Everything in a practical travel size for every sports bag etc.

Ideal for self-massage of the connective tissue, stretching and increasing muscle flexibility
Robust, durable, very compact design, specially designed for constant use and transport in any sports bag
Every training program should include active recovery. Specially designed for muscle health. The closed cells are easy to clean and are made of waterproof foam
Available in a medium degree of hardness. Length approx. 30cm, diameter approx. 11cm.
Ideal for training preparation (warm-up) and active regeneration

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CHF 59.00