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F7 2.0

The top model from Schutt!
Producer: Schutt
available in 14-21 days

CHF 649.00
inclusive of VAT


Schutt F7 2.0 American Football Helmet - Top Performance

The helmet combines the popular Schutt F7 helmet shell with the latest technology, a redesigned impact layer and an innovative fit.

The Schutt F7 2.0 features:

  1. An RFLX impact layer, which is also installed in the VICIS ZERO2 and provides optimum protection with the Tektonic Plate system. The impact layer consists of bending plastic structures that absorb the force of an impact better and therefore allow less impact on your head.
  2. A Tektonic-Plate-System, which distributes a punctual impact over the entire helmet. In addition to the Tektonic plates on the outside, the F7 2.0 also has plates on the inside of the helmet, enabling even better protection results.
  3. An air-assistance system that helps you to adjust the helmet perfectly to the back of your head. This air chamber can be filled with a helmet pump via a valve to ensure even better wearing comfort.
  4. Improved comfort and fit flexibility thanks to an adaptive adjustment system for an even better wearing experience. With pads that can be attached to the existing pads inside the football helmet, each athlete can customize the fit of the helmet.
  5. 5 star rating in the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating, with a test score of 1.35, while the average of the 5 star category has a score of 4.12 (lower scores represent better performance in the test).


  • One of the safest football helmets on the market
  • Tektonic plate system, which optimally absorbs the forces acting on it
  • Individual and therefore best possible adjustment to your head
  • Cheek pads can be easily replaced using the Velcro fastening system
  • Helmet is sold without a face guard, F7 facemasks are suitable
  • A hardcup chin strap is included in the scope of delivery
  • The head circumference and the corresponding helmet size may vary depending on the head shape (sizes are for guidance only)

Head circumference and corresponding helmet size may vary depending on head shape (sizes serve as guidelines)

52 cm - 56 cm - Medium
56 cm - 58 cm - Large
59 cm - 62.5 cm - XLarge
> 62,5 cm - XLarge+

You are unsure which helmet size you need? We are happy to advise you in our American Football Stores!